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Chewbacchus & early Carnival 2013

It's Carnival Time in New Orleans. I've participated in a few events, mostly non-"mainstream" ones thus far.

Saturday 26 Jan I caught a little bit of the 'Tit Rəx mini-parade on St. Roch Avenue and later on Franklin Avenue on my way towards the lineup for the Chewbacchus Parade later that evening. Chewbacchus is a science-fiction related Carnival parade; the King was actor Peter Mayhew, the original Chewbacca in the Star Wars films.

Chewbacchus DAMN Band by Kimberly Edwards

Pair-A-Dice Tumbers, as the Dead Alien Musical Nerds (the D.A.M.N. Band) playing the Chewbacchus Parade. Faubourg Marigny, New Orleans. Photo by Kimberly Edwards.

The Trombone section. Photo by ig9d9, Franz Ellers.

My set of Chewbacchus pix on Flickr.

Saturday 2 Feb the Krewe of Kosmic Debris had their king cake party at the Blue Nile on Frenchmen Street, selecting the Krewe monarchs via king cake baby. Afterwards was a short Tumble parade in the lower French Quarter and back.

King Cake Tumble 2013 Alan KingcakeKing Cake Tumble 2013 Cake Raf

Mmmm, King Cake!

More Kosmic King Cake Tumble pix on Flickr

Now that the interruption of the Super Bowl is finally done with, the Carnival Season can resume and kick into high gear. Happy Mardi Gras, all!
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