Froggy (infrogmation) wrote,

Flickr Redesign

Photo sharing site Flickr did a massive redesign last month. Photos are now displayed larger - and unless viewed individually, lacking titles and captions. Various other changes as well, most of which result in the site being slower loading and harder navigate. Flickr is owned by Yahoo. I remember when Yahoo killed GeoCities; I wonder if Yahoo is in the process of doing the same to Flickr.

Since the redesign I've been laying back, accessing Flickr lots less than I had been, hoping that they'd realize their "New Coke" mistake and at least offer the option of users being able to view images according to the old functionality. Some other long term Flickr user friends and online acquaintances have been posting images and comments critical of the redesign, one with decades of photos is in the process of transferring them elsewhere, and several others are looking for other options.

Michael Stutz on HufPo: How Flickr Redesign Leaves Out the Photographers

The Online Photographer: A Better, Brighter Flickr(?) Some interesting comments.

Infinite Hollywood: The New Flickr Sucks and Here’s Why

Among the many negative Flickr forum threads: Redesign literally making some users sick
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