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The Information Super-Frog

Your cyber-pal way down yonder in New Orleans

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13 July 1961
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Hi, I'm "Froggy", aka "Infrogmation".

Yes, some people do call me "Froggy" In Real Life.

My home town is New Orleans. I've also spent time living in South Florida, Yucatan, and Central America.

My significant interests include New Orleans music and history, early jazz, pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, and history in general.

I'm often pretty active on the Wikipedia project.


Make Levees Not War
After over a month as a refugee from the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the manmade aftermath, I'm back home in New Orleans.


One year later

"This economic pie that is getting ready to explode before our eyes is going to be shared equally." -- Mayor C. Ray Nagin. Mmmm, exploding pie!


I never did get my slice of exploding pie.

Louisiana State Bird, the Oiled Pelican.
(Photo from International Bird Rescue Research Center)

Heck of a job, BP!

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Extra Interests

LiveJournal says I'm interested in too many things, and I can't be interested in other things until I stop being interested in some current interests. With that in mind, here are spare interests I've removed for the time being to make room for new ones.

1920's, acoustic era, bee's knees, cat's pajamas, dubya sucks, early recordings, gilbert and sullivan, impeach bush, jaz, karlovarska becherovka, la belle epoque, louie armstrong, orthophonic, pear cider, sophie tucker, the 1920's, wilbur sweatman, windsor mccay

1920s, 78 records, 78 rpm records, 78s, achille baquet, al capp, albert von tilzer, alcide nunez, alfons mucha, alphonse mucha, ancient history, ancient maya, apparently useless knowledge, archaeology, archaic jazz, art nouveau, baby dodds, belle epoque, billy murray, boswell sisters, boycott bp, bubble tea, buddy bolden, cat and girl, cheesecake, chichen itza, clicquot club eskimos, copan, creole jazz, czech beer, dalí, danny barker, dixieland jazz, earl humphrey, early jazz, early sound recording methods, firenze, flappers, flying neutrinos, freddie keppard, free thought, freedom, froggy, fsa photographs, george baquet, george herriman, gilbert & sullivan, guatemala, harry von tilzer, hedonism, historic preservation, history, history detectives, hot jazz, hot tubs, hurricane katrina, improving, inflatable pools, infrogmation, jasmine, jass, jazz, jazz age, jelly roll morton, jfk, johnny dodds, kibo, kibology, kid ory, king oliver, levees, libertarianism, louis armstrong, louisiana five, madeira, mamie van doren, maps, mardi gras, marx brothers, merida yucatan, mesoamerica, mesoamerican archaeology, mexican chocolate, mexico, music, new orleans, new orleans history, new orleans rhythm kings, novelty songs, obsolete audio, odjb, pacifism, palenque, paul mares, peace, pollo pibil, public health care, radio, ragtime, randy newman, rebuild new orleans, rebuilding new orleans, red beans & rice, renew orleans, repeal prohibition, roy palmer, salvador dali, satchmo, scott joplin, second lines, sidney bechet, sil, slack, slide trombone, spike jones, switzerland, tea, the maya, the second line, the yucatan, tin pan alley, tounge of frog, trad jazz, traditional jazz, travel, trombone, tumbles, tuscany, uxmal, vaudeville, victor talking machine, victorian houses, victrolas, voltaire, walt kelly, wikimedia commons, wikipedia, william howard taft, wind-up phonographs, wine, winsor mccay, wwoz, yellow nunez, yucatan, yucatán

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